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Southeast Asia
We spent the last nine days in Southeast Asia, in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. If you want the play by play version ... As an aside, if you ever want travel tips to many destinations around the world just Google for the city and add to.

A postcard from Laos: exploring the curious Plain of Jars
In total, more than two million tonnes of ordnance were dropped on the country during the Second Indochina War (as the “Vietnam ... more of Laos with The Rough Guide to Laos. Shafik’s tour of the jar sites was arranged by EXO Travel.

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I will visit Vietnam for the first time. my plan to visit Cambodia and Laos also but I have read terrible stories about transport between those countries and Flights are super expensive. could anyone give me help and useful tips how I can get into Cambodia.

The Trumps pay their respects to the fallen: President and First Lady offer solemn floral tribute at Pearl Harbor shrine before departing on Asia tour overshadowed by North ...
Trump is scheduled to travel to another key ally - South ... Asian Nations (ASEAN), which includes Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Another view of the Vietnam War
If one is looking for another view of the Vietnam War, one should read Philip Jennings’ “The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Vietnam War ... They should try telling that to the people of Laos, Cambodia and South Vietnam, whose countries fell.

Cambodia: Palaces and Pagodas.
We were taken around the most beautiful palace complex by a local palace guide who gave us lots of information about history and buildings. The French had taken over Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos back in the mid 1880s as part of their colonialisation and this.

Take the Slow Road through Laos
Usher in the colder months with an active adventure involving you, a bicycle and the exotic landscapes of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Offered by slow travel experts Butterfield & Robinson with departures in November, December and January–April.

Your guide to Indochina: exploring Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam
Traditionally encompassing the former French territories of Laos, Cambodia and what is now known as Vietnam, Indochina evokes images of steamy jungles, famed historical sites and exotic charm — all of which may still be enjoyed in this mesmerising region.

DMC Khiri Travel Announces Eight New Creative Exploration Itineraries in Asia for Product Managers
travel experiences in Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Laos and Cambodia. For example, there is a 10-day trip through lesser-seen Sri Lanka, starting in Anamaduwa, ending in Kotugoda; or see the best of remote Indochina on a 16-day.

Damrey: Strongest typhoon in 16 years to strike southern Vietnam with flooding, damaging winds
Additional downpours may follow later in the weekend, with the heaviest rain focusing on central Vietnam and Laos, as moisture continues ... sporadic damage westward into Cambodia, localized flooding downpours and travel disruptions are expected to be.