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New 18-hour United flight to contend for title of world's longest - USA TODAY
United Airlines could steal title of world's longest flight with new 18-hour US to Singapore flight route Traveller.

Laptop ban begins Tuesday in cabins of nine airlines flying non-stop to US from Mideast and Africa - USA TODAY
US bans passengers on at least 12 airlines from taking electronic devices on board The Independent.

This 17-hour flight is now the longest in the world - USA TODAY
Instead of flying the shortest distance between the cities via a polar route, the airline now routes its Delhi-to-San Francisco route over the Pacific, The Times of India reports. Despite the longer distance -- about 9,400 miles for the flight -- the.

Flights through busy Qatar hub may be hit by diplomatic spat in Middle East - USA TODAY
Gulf: Latest News, Videos and Photos | Times of India Times of India.

In major shift, Indian outsourcer Infosys will hire 10000 US workers - USA TODAY
Infosys to Hire 10000 American Workers After Trump Criticism Bloomberg.

15 Google Home features you may not know - USA TODAY
The following is a handful of lesser-known Google Home features, including a few tips and tricks, and hidden Easter Eggs. Google Home can help you .... or learn geography facts (“OK Google, what's the capital of India ?”). You can even ask how to spell&nbsp.

Whatever you do, don't look (and 2 more eclipse travel tips) - The Weather Network US
A solar eclipse is coming to America. Here's what you'll see where you live. - Vox Vox.

How safe is it to travel to Qatar? Foreign Office issues advice over flight ban crisis -
Flights to Qatar will operate, but may get longer, costlier Times of India.

Everything you need to know if you're travelling to India -
Luckily, the holiday gurus at Rickshaw Travel have made life a little bit easier by sharing their top tips for a holiday to the South Asian region. From the essentials to pack to tidbits on local etiquette, we've rounded up some of our favourite ones.

Expert guide to India
Without question, India is the most engaging, colourful, chaotic, spiritual and life-affirming country in the world. It is an assault on the senses – all of them, nearly all of the time. I have been visiting the country for 25 years and still find.

Virgin Atlantic luggage restricitons explained and how to maximise your hand luggage allowance - Skyscanner News (blog)
What's Virgin Atlantic cabin luggage allowance? How much checked luggage you can take with you for free? Read up on Virgin Atlantic's baggage restrictions and avoid paying excess fees. Virgin Atlantic hand luggage allowance: weight, size and fees.

BWW Interview: Theatre Life with Paige Hernandez
The three of us working together is an exciting ... I've got a busy season that includes lots of travel and collaboration. I've got some stateside B-FLY dates and residencies, but then I go as far as Bermuda, India and Europe this year.