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10 Minimalist Travel Tips That Will Help You Save Bag Space
Here are 10 things you can do to pack lighter and travel better ... a giant jacket into a small bag, and you'll still get to bring your favourite pair of shoes on the trip without worrying about them weighing your luggage down. 8. Roll your clothes.

Zippelin Inflatable Travel Bag
Zippelin is an inflatable, one-of-a-kind travel bag by FREITAG, designed to save you space. Hand-cut in Switzerland from recycled water-repellent truck tarps, the convenient duffel bag was inspired by folding bikes, and features an inner tube of a bicycle.

Tom Brady Would Love This Super Stowable Duffel Bag
Made from water-repellent truck tarps that’ve been stripped, cleaned and repurposed, the Zippelin is an inflatable travel bag with 85 liters of storage space that can compress down to the size of a two-liter bottle when not in use. Cut by hand in.

Tips For Healthier Air Travel
Psychologically, air travel can make you feel like a nameless face in a herd of sameness. The combination of spending hours in airport lines, dragging around luggage to avoid bag fees and being wedged into tiny seats drive people to near madness.

Travel Essentials: Stylish Must Haves
If you’re a style diva, you must travel stylishly too. Don’t just stuff everything into one super sized bag and then ... pretty great looking luggage these days, so you have NO excuse. If your luggage is all matching, say your hand luggage matches.

Quick tips to make flying more bearable
So if airports and planes are not your favourite part of a trip, here are some tips ... bag before checking it in: staff will know exactly what they are looking for and will be able to help you much faster. We can only advise you to limit yourself to hand.

Would you pay to have your hand luggage put in the hold? Easyjet seems to think so
Easyjet has launched a new service offering passengers the opportunity to pay to have their hand luggage put in the hold. Normally fliers would go to great lengths to avoid having their bag placed below ... Most that choose to travel with hand luggage.

10 Essential Tips for Packing the Best Travel Snack Bag
Unfortunately, everyone else had the same idea, and I was left with sold-out snack carts and a single bag of potato strings. So it was then that I learned one of the most important lessons of travel ... 10 smartest snack-bag tips. The composition of.

Freitag Zippelin: This 85-Liter Bag Uses An Inflatable Frame To Save Weight
If you want a bag ... travel bag that looks like a mix between a duffel and a rolling suitcase. Seriously, it’s like a large duffel with wheels. It’s huge at 16.5 x 33.5 x 10 inches, (width x height x depth), so this is strictly for use as check-in.