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Irish woman discovered murdered in India 'on backpacking adventure' - Irish Independent
Irish woman Danielle McLaughlin murdered during Holi celebrations in South Goa The Independent.

One a week: the scary statistics behind this fun-loving paradise -
Haunting last photos of murdered Irish backpacker Danielle McLaughlin just hours before she was raped and killed ... The Irish Sun.

A Quick Travel Guide to Goa, India
In a destination as eclectic and frenetic as India, it’s easy for travelers to feel overwhelmed. But that’s where Goa comes in. Typically considered a beach destination for backpackers and wandering nomads, Goa is a great two- to three-day extension to.

Man Fakes Terror Plot to Avoid Taking Girlfriend on Vacation - Travel+Leisure
The woman reportedly had asked to go on a trip to Goa and Mumbai. To help get out of his difficult bind, Krishna allegedly sent a hoax e-mail about a terror plot involving the hijacking of aircraft in several Indian cities, according to the Straits.

Joan Smalls' Tips for Good Shopping and Bargaining in India - W Magazine
The first thing you notice when shopping with Joan Smalls is that she's very decisive. Like a highly trained assassin, she'll spot her prey immediately—in this case, a flowy, one-size-fits-all black and white striped sundress—make initial contact and.

8 tips to save money on your vacation in Europe - Economic Times
But if you're planning a trip spanning several European countries, as most people do, getting from one to the next can add to your overall expenses significantly if you don't do it early. Also, take the time to compare fares before you book, since.

5 Outfits to Carry When Planning a Trip to Goa - NorthEast Today
Goa is one of the most favourite and perfect beach destinations in India . Welcoming travellers from all around the world all year round, Goa is always thriving with tourists and travellers. Also, the number of festivals hosted by this beautiful Indian.

Eat, love, pray and more in Goa, India -
“No fighting about religion in Goa ,” called our driver over his shoulder as we bounced down a rutted road to the beach in this tiny state in south-west India . We'd remarked about the number of churches we'd seen during our stay – a whitewashed steeple.

Doing Goa Differently - India Currents
The first visit was a school trip right after my exams, so naturally there was a lot of excitement—we covered typical tourist haunts like the old churches in Panjim, the beaches and flea markets in the north, and all the important museums across the.

Travel Guide to Goa and its Beaches
Goa is one of the most tourist-friendly states in India and has a well deserved reputation of being an easy place to travel around. Goa was part of the hippy trail in the 1960’s and the easy going, laid back lifestyle still finds resonance in its modern.

Tourists struggling to find cash in India - BBC News
Varsha Image copyright Varsha. "I have been in Goa since Diwali and took out 30,000 rupees (£356) - in three sets of 10,000 rupees (£118) ATM transactions - which is the maximum allowed for foreign debit cards before the notes were declared invalid.

5 practical tips for solo female travellers in India, including what to wear - Wanderlust
Here are her 5 practical tips for travelling safely. I'm a young, white, solo female and I've spent more than 24 months over the last four years traveling independently across India on a budget. India is the most fascinating, exotic, exuberant and life.

Goa India's most preferred travel destination - The Hans India
Google search data showed a 70 per cent year-on-year growth in travel queries from non-metro cities over the past year, with 40.8 per cent of all travel related queries emerging from cities and towns beyond Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune,&nbsp.

Perfect Weekend: Old-world charm of India's Goa - The Straits Times
The sign at a grocery store captures the spirit of former Portuguese colony Goa . Known as a hippie paradise, Goa's key value is sussegad, a Portuguese word which means anything from quiet to a laidback attitude. Portuguese forts, cathedrals, white-sand&nbsp.

Goa is India's most popular monsoon travel destination, says survey - Times of India
PANAJI: Goa has been picked up as the most popular choice for a monsoon getaway for Indian travelers in 2017. This comes from a survey conducted by online accommodation booking website While the survey says that Goa is the most popular&nbsp.