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Can't Travel With a Local? These City Guides Are the Next Best Thing - Travel+Leisure
At STORM Denmark on Strøget, Copenhagen's pedestrian shopping district, I picked up a copy of “LOST iN Copenhagen,” an indie travel guide curated by local artists and writers, featuring interviews, reviews, and personal essays. ... To produce a LOST iN.

Travelling healthy: What to do if you fall ill abroad - Manitoba - CBC ... -
The tragic death of a Winnipeg woman in Cambodia is a painful reminder to travellers of the risks associated with adventures abroad — and experts say trying to&nbsp.

US State Department Warns of Heightened Christmas Terror Threat in Europe - Travel+Leisure
The U.S. state department has issued a travel alert notifying residents of the heightened risk of a terror attack during the Christmas season in Europe. "While local governments continue counterterrorism operations, the Department remains concerned.

Traveling to Cuba Just Got More Difficult - Travel+Leisure
List of Restricted Entities and Subentities Associated With Cuba as of November 9, 2017 - US Department of State US Department of State.

Air miles guide: How to save money on flights using frequent flyer schemes - The Independent
They do that by giving out points (or "miles") based on flights taken or distance flown, which can be then be used as a currency to pay for future flights. Regular flyers will also gain points towards status, which works in tiers and allows for goodies.

​CBJ Morning Buzz: Charlotte gains on transit-connected jobs; Thanksgiving travel tips rounded up - Charlotte Business Journal
But Charlotte is likely to see more gains in accessibility in the near future . After a months-long delay, the next 9.3-mile ... In other news, Thanksgiving travel tips and more have poured in this week ahead of next week's rush. If you're driving out.

Top Tips on How to Travel Europe Cheaply
Here are a few of my top tips ... for recommendations on where free events are held and the best places to snag food bargains. There are so many museums and attractions in European cities that are free, so when it comes to sightseeing, you can travel.

Prince George's Favorite Movie Is Fit for a Future King - Travel+Leisure
You'll be happy to know that, at only four years old, Prince George already has excellent taste in film. During a Sky News interview posted to Twitter by Rhiannon Mills, which was actually conducted by a precocious young boy, Prince William revealed.

Why won't travel insurance cover my flight cancellation? - Chicago Tribune
I was supposed to fly from Sacramento, Calif., to Seattle recently with my sister and mother for a family wedding. Before our trip, my sister had to be rushed to the emergency room with an unexpected heart condition. This prevented us from traveling.

Will we all live in airports one day? - Travel+Leisure
A decade ago, visitors to the man-made South Korean island-city of Songdo, 40 miles outside Seoul, could stand on the site of a development projected to grow to the size of downtown Boston and find seashells still sticking out of ground that, until. Launches Innovative Platform to Provide Drivers with Tips and Tools to Save - Markets Insider
Driving2Save's mission is to build a brighter future by serving as trusted advisors to conscientious drivers everywhere. With the onset of the holiday travel season, their tips and tools are particularly timely, providing insights for drivers across.

Tips for flying this holiday season from CVG and elsewhere - Loveland Magazine
You can find more information about Pre-Check online via All airlines at CVG are now TSA Pre-Check compatible. If not already a PreCheck member, passengers can apply for future travel at CVG's Pre-Check Enrollment Center located&nbsp.

How can you be a smarter spender? - Rappler
But having a bigger paycheck doesn't mean you can go all out and buy everything you want. It's the time when you should be more conscious of the purchases you make, particularly for major ones like a wedding, home renovation, your kids' education – or&nbsp.