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Tips on How to Avoid Traveler's Diarrhea on That Exotic Vacay - The Beijinger (blog)
An American family doctor, Dr. Sackrison practiced medicine in the US for over 20 years before moving to China , working at Vista Medical Center for the past two years. So, how does someone know when they are dehydrated? ... To prevent traveler's.

Why the Chinese metropolis of Shenzhen is the city of the future - Travel+Leisure
Then, in 1979, the Chinese government turned it into an experiment to grow capitalism in a test tube, designating it as the country's first Special Economic Zone. Today, the city's population is more than 11 million, driven by an influx of laborers.

Fly to Asia for Only $384 Round-trip - Travel+Leisure
For only $448, for example, Boston-based travelers can fly to this sprawling Chinese city in mid-February (and even arriving in time for the Chinese New Year festivities). Tickets to Shanghai can also be booked for less than $500 from Dallas ($493.

How to Pack Like a Pro: 12 Tips to Expert Traveling -
Do you really need to take everything in your bag to China with you? Cut the cord. 5. Never, ever check your bags. For those who travel often, waiting on checked luggage can add hours to the whole travel process over weeks, months and years. If you.

Pack Your Sushi, and Other Healthy Travel Tips From Top Chefs - Bloomberg
Sam Anderson, who oversees the drinks at Mission Chinese Food, has become such an avid runner that he's featured in Adidas AG's recent running ad campaign. So what does this mean for mere civilians? Get the best food and drinks you can in the city&nbsp.

Why Pilots and Co-pilots Can't Eat the Same Thing on a Flight - Travel+Leisure
In an interview with CNN, Captain Han Hee-seong of China Eastern Airlines said that the pilot usually receives the first class meal while the co-pilot will get a meal from business class. Although some pilots on Quora reported that a kind first officer.

There's an Unbelievable Train in China That Passes Directly Through Apartment Buildings - Travel+Leisure
According to China's Transportation Infrastructure Office, the line was first in the country to introduce the rubber tire light rail system, which has a small turning radius and impeccable climbing ability to help it fit into Chongqing's smaller.

One traveler beautifully documented his beard growth as he walked across China for an entire year - Travel+Leisure
Just in case you're wondering how much a beard could possibly grow over the span of a year, we've got one person's answer for you. And we're not talking the usual beard growth that may include a bit of grooming here and there. This traveler's.

Aerial Footage of China's Newest Glass Bridge Will Put You on Edge - Travel+Leisure
Since Mount Langya is one of China's national forest conservation areas, visitors will be treated to mountain views, while a cave located about half an hour up the mountain is filled with stalactites, stalagmites, and dripping rock formations.

Packing Tips for Travel to China
China's booming economy has made it into a modern country in many ways, but visiting China is still not quite the same thing as touring Ireland or Italy. Many small conveniences Americans take for granted are simply not available in many parts of China.

Pandas in China Are About to Get a Sanctuary so Big, It's Displacing 200000 Humans - Travel+Leisure
Chinese authorities announced last week that they will relocate thousands of people from the Sichuan province in order to make room for a planned panda bear reservation. The number of people affected by this relocation varies depending on the source.