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From beef-eating to jewellery, travel cos advice tourists
Sounds laughable, but travel companies this week have started issuing alerts ... Again, ignoring it proved disastrous as I had a bad attack when walking down Central Park in New York." So tips like "Don't eat beef" "Buy bottled water" "Avoid wearing.

Unpacking Women's Travel: Tips for Female Travelers
KL: There are some tried and true tips that I’ve used time and time again such ... KL: I started my solo travel experience in New Zealand nine years ago, when I sold everything I had, got a working holiday visa, and went to a country where I knew.

Tourism New Zealand Looks at Travel Habits of Singaporeans
A survey has shown that Singaporeans are increasingly seeking authentic travel experiences, with more than two in three Singaporeans preferring to engage in local activities when travelling overseas. Released by Tourism New Zealand, the survey of 1,000.

A Romantic Weekend in Akaroa, New Zealand
All of that combined for a (non cliché) romantic weekend in Akaroa — keep reading for tips on how you can do the same ... bit longer exploring the outer bays and beaches. A travel blogger from New Zealand who hates talking about himself in the third.

Kiwi secrets: New Zealand experiences you've never heard of
It may be synonymous with adventure sports, epic scenery from the Lord of the Rings films and the spine-tingling haka of the All Blacks rugby team, but New Zealand has plenty of unique but lesser-known experiences for travellers. That isn't so surprising.

Get a spring in your step this September
For the month of September New ... travel goals? Plan your route: are you a fan of the direct on road route or do you enjoy the gentle pace of our shared pathways? Phone, email or Facebook Let's Go or visit the website if you would like some tips.

Around the World With ... Phil Keoghan
Since he’s the show’s host, Phil Keoghan has done the same. That said, the New Zealand native has done more than host TV shows during his travels, from breaking a world bungee-jumping record to enjoying a meal on an erupting volcano to renewing his.

Why won't my travel insurance cover my flight delay?
Q: I recently flew to New Zealand and back. I purchased a travel-insurance policy ... author of “How to Be the World’s Smartest Traveler.” You can read more travel tips on his blog,, or email him at [email protected]

5 Tips for Planning Your First Trip Abroad
Whether you’re traveling north to Canada or halfway around the world to New Zealand, planning ahead will ensure your trip goes much smoother. Here’s some advice you’ll want to heed. Airline tickets are often the most expensive piece of travel abroad.

Travel Nightmares and Solo Trips: Rashida Jones Shares Her Tips for Making the Most of Every Journey
Most seasoned travelers are a wealth of hard-earned travel tips, and Rashida Jones is no exception ... I would love to go to New Zealand next. I’m increasingly attracted to being in expansive, vast, untouched nature. It’s humbling and clarifying.