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Judge: Amtrak engineer's deadly crash an accident, not crime
Bostian has been on unpaid administrative leave from Amtrak since the crash and is suing the government-owned railroad, alleging he was left disoriented or unconscious when something struck his train before it derailed. NTSB investigators have said nothing.

12 Things You Should Know Before Traveling Across the Country on Amtrak
I have always fantasized about traveling across the country by train ... take Amtrak for long trips, so I want to give you the most accurate and true depiction. We decided to get a roomette for the first and longest leg of our travel on the California.

The Amtrak Line: Even before deadly crash, rail board was considering tearing up tracks
Today, roughly 8,500 vehicles daily travel ... train were clear: They told officers the Pontiac ignored the stop sign on Folsom, turned the corner and went around the gates. It's unclear how fast the California Zephyr was traveling -- police and Amtrak.

Amtrak/Road trip - LA to Seattle - Train Travel Forum
I would like advise on planning a trip between LA and Seattle for 8-10 days. I would like to do the Amtrak travel along the California coast and open to car travel or train between CA and Seattle which ever is better. Planning this trip at the end of December.

California Zephyr is still on the rails, despite close call in Congress
They’d been waiting for the train to come all day. Listen Listening... 4:03 They rode the California Zephyr ... “We should force Amtrak to be self-sufficient, we should force Amtrak passengers to pay their own travel costs. We must cut Amtrak from.

Amtrak reducing service from Bakersfield, shifting a train north in search of business travelers
That adds a couple hundred dollars in expenses to what would otherwise be a relatively cheap round-trip train ticket from the South Valley to the state’s capital. And currently the earliest Amtrak coming ... That travel to Sacramento is getting more.

Study: Gaps Widen in the Intercity Bus and Rail System, Forcing More to Drive
Researchers at DePaul have been following the ebb and flow of bus and rail travel ... cite Amtrak’s “Thruway Bus Network” program, which connects riders on buses and trains, as a model for other cities to follow. Schwieterman says California.

Amtrak Ads Call Out Air Travel While Execs Mull Basic Economy
Amtrak’s new videos speak the truth about the easy comfort of train travel, while flying basic economy is rife ... A startup called Cabin is trying to disrupt that cheap bus market in California by offering sleep pods to make overnight bus rides doable.

Tips for Wheelchair Travel
I’ve used a wheelchair since I was 16 years old and in it, I have visited several countries in Europe, Romania when it was under communist rule, Las Vegas and California ... number of vacation elements. If you travel in the United States and Canada.