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Given the environment, is traveling safe and even worth it? Experts say yes, for the most part. “Terrorist attacks are a growing concern around the world, but that shouldn't deter people from traveling ,” said Matt Dumpert, a senior director at Kroll, a.

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Allow additional travel time and prepare for delays in traffic. • Be responsible and use ... sense in all situations. Also, remember to take care of your eyes while watching the eclipse — safety glasses are imperative to not damaging eyes during this.

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Independent consumer travel expert Frank Brehany advises familiarising yourself with the city before you travel : "The 'new normal' is that these horrific attacks have eaten their way into our daily lives and naturally cause us to think about how we.

Safety tips for young solo travelers
The safety of our guests is always comes first. Being part of The Travel Corporation family of brands, and being a family-owned business, means that we operate ... For young solo travelers, Jackson had the following tips: Always let your friends or.

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Did you know that you may be more susceptible to having your valuables, such as watches and cellphones, stolen when you're on vacation? “So many things are new on a vacation, and while you're taking it all in, your guard drops a bit, leaving you&nbsp.

Unpacking Women's Travel: Tips for Female Travelers
Founder of the wildly popular Go Girl Guides, the annual Women’s Travel ... is mostly safe and people are mostly good. CT: What are the most popular destinations that women are traveling to right now? KL: There are some tried and true tips that I.

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Business ... travel is positive, there were two areas of concern identified in the survey: Two-thirds (67 percent) of travelers believe travel is safer today. Still, nearly half of the respondents (46 percent) remain concerned about their safety.

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CONCORD, NH — Our New Hampshire/Vermont region of the American Red Cross happens to share a border with our neighbors to the north, Canada. Summer travel finds many of our residents escaping to the north to enjoy Canada's sights and sounds.

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Among respondents who expressed some level of concern about travel safety , 75% pointed to Europe, followed by 73% who mentioned Africa and the Middle East. Terrorism was their biggest worry, with 55% ranking it either first or second on a list of.

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Q. What safety tips should travelers consider when traveling abroad via cruise ships, with faith-based groups or as part of the LGBTQ community? A. We recommend that travelers have the proper foreign visa for all stops on the cruise, even if you do not.

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Dirks says factors that influence our choice of transport mode include parking and traffic congestion for car travel ; timetabling and connectivity for public transport; safe and separate cycle lanes, the weather, and a place to lock up your bike for.