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A Beginner's Guide to Loving Greek Coffee - Saveur
When I lived in Thessaloniki , I gained an immediate familiarity with two vocabularies. The first was the swear words; I've been to enough soccer games now that I can hurl obscenities like the saltiest malaka. Then there was my coffee order: Ena.

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The World Travel Guide (WTG) is the flagship digital consumer brand within the Columbus Travel Media portfolio. A comprehensive guide to the world's best travel destinations, its print heritage stretches back 30 years, with the online portal reaching.

8 Must-see Points of Interest in Greece - Travel+Leisure
Revered by classicists as the fount of European civilization, Greece is an easy country to fall in love with. When you're not cruising around its many islands in the Aegean Sea, or counting columns at the Acropolis, it's the people who make this place.

Greek garbage workers protest over jobs as trash piles grow - AOL
ATHENS (Reuters) - Hundreds of striking Greek sanitation workers protested in Athens on Thursday over jobs as steaming mountains of garbage piled up across the country as a 10-day strike dragged on. Heaps of rotting rubbish have been steadily growing&nbsp.

Travel guide: Seven alternative Greek islands to visit in the summer of 2017 - Tornos News International Edition (press release)
Now I know Mykonos and Santorini are amongst almost everyone's favourite Greek islands, due to the unbeatable beaches and breathtaking views respectively (plus, you can fly directly there from many countries) but for those willing to make the extra.

Too hot for sightseeing in Greece - Deutsche Welle
Greece's Culture Ministry says that all Greek archaeological sites, including Athens ' internationally famed Acropolis, will shut during the hottest hours of the day due to a predicted heat wave. The ministry ... Greece expects an increase in tourist.

How to Have an Affordable Vacation in Greece - New York Times
A high-end vacation in Greece is within reach even if you don't have a big budget, says Christos Stergiou, the founder and owner of TrueGreece, an Athens -based travel company selling luxury trips to Greece. “Compared to many other European ... Here, Mr.

Is Halkidiki Greece's best-kept secret? -
Suggest northern Greece as a holiday destination and a fog of bafflement will descend across the furrowed brow of many a British traveller. Somewhat like iced tea and vegetarian sausages, northern Greece is clearly a contradiction in terms – a.

In Athens, an Unexpected Greek Renaissance - Travel+Leisure
I started where everyone does, in the mythic Athens , the tourist Athens . .... In Petralona, I visited a foodie co-op café, To Perivolaki, which serves delicious meze, house-made lemonade, and unpasteurized beer from the Ali microbrewery in Thessaloniki.

Roadtrip through Greece: From Thessaloniki, via Meteora Monasteries, Delphi & Thiva to Athens.
Taking the car across Greece, i.e. travelling from Thessaloniki to Athens, even caused ... “Don’t get me wrong”, our guide at Visit Meteora muses, “but it really is you posting all these pictures that have people travel here from all over.

At least 2 dead as Greek passenger train derails - AOL
Three killed in Greece after train crashes into house

Travel guide to... Mainland Greece - The Independent
The main gateways, Athens and Thessaloniki , each merit attention, from Athens ' vaunted Acropolis and down-to-earth nightlife to Thessaloniki's more laid-back seafront vibe. Then it's essential to head for the hills: whether it's the Pindos range, near.

Minister: Athens tour guide school to reopen after seven years - Tornos News International Edition (press release)
A pledge by Greek Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura to reopen the Athens Guide School was met via a Joint Ministerial Decision (JMD) issued by the tourism and education ministries on Wednesday, which ordered that the school reopen after seven years.

At least four dead and five injured after train with 70 on board derails in Greece - The Sun
The train, which was travelling from Athens to the second biggest city Thessaloniki , derailed near the town of Adendro. Its engine was propelled into a nearby house but the cause of the accident was not yet known. 70 passengers were on board the train.