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How to make your money go further at university: Top student finance tips for those starting studies next month - and for their parents
There is still a severe lack of basic financial education at school, and universities must make ... Urban Outfitters and Waterstones. Lower travel costs mean students are likely to make more trips home during term time, keeping parents happy.

New regulations on religions: Annihilate underground communities, suffocate official communities
Rome ... (Article 64); 50,000 yuan per activity in an "unauthorized" site; 50,000 yuan for providing an "unauthorized" site (Article 69); between 20,000 and 200,000 yuan for "unauthorized" travel abroad, even if it is for religious education or pilgrimage.

Airbnb: Friend or foe to the tours and activities industry?
In an effort to provide guests with a full travel itinerary, the company encourages “passionate ... Reaching them can be a challenge, but here are some tips on overcoming them. When reaching out to hosts, make your case easily and personally.

Knowledge saves lives: Children rely on us when it comes to car safety
Once a child outgrows the rear-facing-only infant car seat, she should travel in a rear-facing convertible or all ... recommendations for safe transportation,” Herring said. “Education, legislation, law enforcement and engineering are the keys to.

Water wise tourism: How to save water and maintain a luxury offering
As 2017 was declared the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development by the UN, the drought in the Western Cape persisting and with water restriction in Cape Town reaching level five, operating a sustainable travel and hospitality business.

Early years of Church and education in Miri
According to an article, Tom Harrison respected the Bishop’s ... He was ordained a priest on 18 Feb 18, 1995, and furthered his studies in Rome. Passionate about education after having spent 10 years teaching in the seminary in Kuching, he is continuing.

Over 1 In 4 Would Rather Travel Than Pay Back Student Loans
Your student loans aren't going anywhere. Adam Carroll, Founder and Chief Education Officer of National Financial Educators, calls untended student loan debt "the worst weed to have in your yard, because if it goes unchecked, it will grow to massive.

5 media relations tips for your next industry conference
Industry events are great opportunities for education, networking and inspiration ... get the most out of your experience with these tips: [RELATED: Learn how to properly pitch your stories, boost your visual content muscles, measure your tactics and.

27 Parenting and Family Magazines That Pay Writers
Managing editor Wayne Kalyn is always looking for fresh pitches that include first-person articles by parents ... and family matters like health, travel, education, holidays, special events, and much more. “We believe that local community members.

Why One Educator Says It's Time To Rethink Higher Education
“What would it mean to redesign higher education for the intellectual space travel students need to thrive in the world ... You include a list of tips at the back of the book — for students, on getting the most out of their college experience, and.