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Aside from occasional indie release, an arcade hit on a Nintendo platform, or EA's largely scaled back PGA Tour franchise, golfing enthusiasts have had slim pickings. Recently, Golf Club 2 did well in offering a sim-focused trip to the greens, but fans.

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What works for some players doesn’t for others. Bubba Watson, whose 6-foot-3, 190 pound frame had helped him onto nine PGA Tour wins and two green jackets, all while becoming the longest driver on tour, had seemed to hit upon his own formula. Whatever he.

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The PGA Tour ... a secret. “It’s also not a big issue or epidemic. No one’s getting rich off it. We’re talking about hundreds of dollars here.” Running an online bookie business can be as rewarding as it is tough. But, there are 3 great tips.

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The king of 'simulation' golf for the last two decades has been EA Sports' 'Tiger Woods PGA Tour '; it had all the pros, all the famous courses, and not much of a personality in recent years. Additionally it allowed you to control the direction of your.

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If you want to get a golf fan riled up, tell them that the Players Championship is the PGA Tour's fifth major. Some don't mind the Players being referred to as such, but the other--and far louder--side of the debate will tell you in a variety of.

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With the wind at your back — an 8 mph breeze is plenty enough — and a proper attribute boost equipped, you can rip a 400-yard drive on the first tee at Oakmont Country Club, the latest course introduced to Rory McIlroy PGA Tour . The downhill fairway.

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