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This keeps you grounded and can spark conversations that make air travel more enjoyable. A new and unique way to do this is with a MyFlyBag. This personalized luggage features a photo or image of your choice - your family, a pet, a favorite vacation spot.

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To celebrate next week's start of the U.S. Open, the Lotte New York Palace Hotel hosted its annual Palace Invitational in the courtyard. The spirited badminton event featured star tennis players Rafael Nadal, Venus Williams, Genie Bouchard, and Nick.

Millions Travel to See Today's Total Solar Eclipse - The Voyage Report (registration) (blog)
And airlines , hotel chains, merchants and even the post office are launching deals to coincide with the Great American Total Solar Eclipse. ... Oregon is holding a five-day Oregon Solarfest to take advantage of the event, selling tickets and pet permits.

5 Things to Know Before You Take Your Pet on Vacation -
Taking your pet on a foreign vacation isn't as simple as you might think, but with the right preparation, it can result in an incredibly memorable holiday. β€œThe key to a successful and easy overseas vacation is planning, organization, and diligence.

How to make plane trips easier on pets, and owners too - Detroit Free Press
Gabby Slome rarely vacations without her dog Pancho in tow. He is a full-fledged family member. And just as "you wouldn't leave your child at home," Slome says, she doesn't leave Pancho either β€” even if that means an airplane flight or two. Traveling.

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Health Checks: Bring your pet to the veterinarian for a check up before going on a long journey trip . Make sure all vaccinations are up to date and obtain a record showing proof of up-to-date vaccinations. Health certifications are required for airline.

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Travelling abroad is always an expensive trip , what with flights , and hotels to book even before daily costs of food and excursions. A recent survey by loyalty programme Wyndham ... spent nine months to save for a holiday break. However, travel.

This Dog-friendly Airline Is an Animal Lover's Dream Come True - Travel+Leisure
There's only one thing that could make checking a new destination off your bucket list even more exciting, and that's doing it with your best friend by your side. But what if your best friend just so happens to have four legs? Well, then we hope your.

What You Should Know About Traveling With Pets and Keeping Them Safe - TIME
United Airlines accounted for a third of animal deaths on US flights in last 5 years USA TODAY.

Travel and Dogs: The Good, the Bad and the Itchy - New York Times
About 10 percent of the United States population suffers from pet allergies, and while cats are twice as allergy-causing as dogs, people tend to travel more often with dogs. About 39 percent of dog owners take their pets when traveling for two nights.

What You Should Know Before Flying With Your Pet - Huffington Post Canada
Every airline is different when it comes to if and how pets travel . Where your pet is placed on the plane (the cabin or the cargo hold) also depends on the size of the animal. In addition to carry-on sized pets , service and emotional support animals.

Emotional support dog attacks passenger on Delta flight - Travel+Leisure
Emotional support dog bites passenger on Delta flight Atlanta Journal Constitution.

10 Tips for Surviving a Road Trip With Your Dog
Here are our best tips for keeping your pet safe and comfy on the road ... Easy to forget, but pets get parched, especially in a dry, air-conditioned space (or a hot car). Bring Comforting Objects... Alleviate travel anxiety by bringing along some objects.

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Everything Is Negotiable': A Travel Expert's Tips For Booking Your Next TripIf you're planning your next trip, there are important tips to keep in mind whether traveling by car, air, boat ... loves attention and to be pet. We were told by her previous.