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In addition to the South Georgia stop, there will be landings in the Falkland Islands , South Orkney Islands , South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic mainland. The trip aboard the 348-foot expedition ship Akademik Ioffe is priced from $13,695 per.

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House prices are up £10k since the Brexit vote with the East of England seeing the biggest gains, official data shows This is Money.

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The Highlands and the northern and western islands can have up to 19 hours of daylight at this time of year. So why not play a round of golf with a difference and tee off in the still of twilight? “Whilst clubhouses and facilities might be closed for.

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The mammals, which were introduced by the Victorians to control rabbits, have a devastating impact on native birds - like the kiwi. There is a similar problem in Orkney , where stoats are not a native species, but were first spotted on the island back.

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Traveling is difficult. Let us help. Ask me about all things food and travel at advice @roadsandkingdoms.com. Q: My partner and I made tentative plans with two other couples months ago to go on a group trip this summer. Since then, one couple has.

Exploring sunken war ships of World War I
During both World Wars, Scapa Flow was an important British naval base, and the site of significant loss of life. Following the end of World War One, 74 German warships were interned there, and on June 21, 1919 most were deliberately sunk, or scuttled, at.

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Remind me, which islands make up Orkney ? They are the ones just off the northern tip of mainland Scotland, next to John o'Groats. They were once a Viking stronghold. But since 1950 they have been in the grip of the Lib Dems. I see. Not to be confused.

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Off the tip of Scotland, visitors and residents can take the shortest flight in the world, clocking in at around 90 seconds. The flight from Westray to Papa Westray in the Orkney Islands is just 1.7 miles, with the lowest recorded flight taking 47.

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It may be only 90 kilometres north-east of Auckland, but this 285-square-kilometre island does feel a million miles from care. It's all about getting back to nature here, with walking tracks, mountain bike trails, diving, surfing, bird-watching.

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A tour guide who died when he fell from a cliff in Orkney has been named by police. Jamie Shannon, 23 ... He was working with an Edinburgh-based company, Haggis Adventures, guiding a minibus group on a tour of the Highlands and islands . Police said&nbsp.

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These green and rolling islands lie like a school of whales stretching into the distance north of John O'Groats. They are ... There are townie and rural ID guides online at plantlife.org.uk and by sending in your sightings you'll help chart the state.

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But the Reverend Fraser Macnaughton, of St Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall, Orkney , now feels compelled to add another tip . “I have to forewarn the bridal party to expect it to be a bit like the Oscars,” he says. The Rev Macnaughton's warning follows a.

Norwegian royal visit to Orkney is first official Scottish engagement
The royal couple will take part in a number of engagements over the weekend. Harvey Johnston, convener of Orkney Islands Council, said: "Orkney's ties with Norway are long and enduring and I am sure that the royal couple will feel a genuine affinity for.

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Orkney , an archipelago of some 70 islands —20 of them inhabited—lies 10 miles north of the northern tip of Scotland. I first visited the islands when I was 11, on a school trip . The roads shimmered in the intense midsummer heat. The white nights were.

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I was lucky to travel around NY State ... lots of wild life and open spaces. Islands, Scotland - is an archipelago in northern Scotland, 16 kilometres north of the coast of Caithness. Orkney comprises approximately 70 islands, of which 20 are inhabited.