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From Morocco to Egypt, you’ll find vast expanses ... as some countries have this as a travel requirement. While in-country, keep your passport in a safe place. You can walk around with copies of it while on your daily excursions. For service trips.

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In terms of danger, the Foreign Office says “there is a high threat from terrorism in Morocco ” and reminds prospective visitors that, five years ago, 17 people were killed and 25 injured in the bombing of the Argana Restaurant in Marrakech, overlooking.

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Studies have shown that more tourists are hitting the open road and traveling by themselves than ever before. For women, however, traveling solo can bring about certain safety issues. Headlines of two 20-something female backpackers who were killed.

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Explore – by bike, grand taxi, coach or camel – and every journey in Morocco will be rewarding. If you're in the Agadir region, Tafraoute, 93 miles away, makes an intriguing diversion. Travel by car ... Do you have tips, advice or observations on.

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This foolhardy African adventure spurred me on through what now looks like a halcyon time for independent travel , when the world was a safe , or safe -ish, place in which to wander. Each era, in its way, can lay claim to being a travel “golden age”: in.

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Europe Travel Alert - - Department of State - Department of State.

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He said the Rohingyas should get all facilities of travel, jobs ... to H M King Mohammed VI of Morocco on the success of the surgery on his left eye, praying to ... Qatar- MEC shares back-to-school spending tips, ,9/6/2017 8:19:09 PM (MENAFN - The.

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At a glance at Gabby Epstein's Instagram page, it's clear she is living a life many only dream of. At just 23, the former Gold Coast based model has more than 1.8 million followers and is paid to travel the world as a lifestyle blogger and 'influencer.

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Gnawa originates from the times when slaves, brought to Morocco from sub-Saharan Africa, formed brotherhoods and played music rich in spiritual and religious resonances with traditional instruments including the gimbri, a three-stringed bass lute.

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And while larger travel alerts and warnings often appear in the news by themselves, these local messages from STEP (received via email) can be helpful in detailing specific safety , security, and practical travel information relevant to specific dates.

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If traveling to Morocco is at the top of your bucket list, there are tips particularly for women that are important to keep in mind. When I visited Morocco alone, I had a great time and always felt safe , but there are some things you should know before.

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With the recent U.S. State Department warning about travel to Mexico in the wake of a woman dying at an all-inclusive resort, safety while traveling is top of mind – especially for women. It's not the first warning about travel to Mexico: In December.

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Beguiling and heady, Morocco has casting its spell over travellers for decades. However, if you're a woman travelling alone in this country what you see online doesn't always match your experience in real life. The souks, mountains and beaches of.