Japan Winter Travel Tips


Your Phone Can Now Translate Japanese Instantly - Travel+Leisure
Google announced on Thursday a new translation feature that will make it easier for travelers who don't speak the language to go on a trip to a Japanese -speaking destination. Google Word Lens—a service available through Google Translate on Android and&nbsp.

Japanese Light Festival Brings Fall Foliage to Life in the Dead of Winter - Travel+Leisure
For those who wish that the fantastic displays of fall foliage could last all year round, there's a festival in Japan that aims to recreate the autumnal magic with lights—no matter the season. Nabana no Sato is an annual winter festival at Japan's.

SHERRY KUGHN: Ann Jones finds caring for bonsai trees relaxing
She stores her tropical plants indoors during the winter months. “The others stay outdoors because ... He had admired them as a soldier in Japan during World War II and decided to learn all he could after the war. On Ann’s porch, the 62-year-old.

10 reasons to visit Osaka -- from food to shopping - CNN
Bayside Osaka -- gutted by World War II bombing and rebuilt rapidly, haphazardly -- certainly lacks the picturesque architecture and alluring natural scenery of other Japanese cities. And its enduring role as one of Japan's economic command centers.

$27000 melons? Unwrapping the high price of Japan's luxury fruit habit - CNN
quot;Fruits are treated differently in Asian culture and in Japanese society especially," Soyeon Shim, dean of the School of Human Ecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, tells CNN. "Fruit purchase and consumption are tied to social and cultural.

Okinawa, Japan: The island where people have the longest lifespan - Stuff.co.nz
While Japan was historically isolationist, Okinawa was outward looking and multicultural. "You should see our whales," says the man in the tourist office. "Between January and the end of March, humpback whales spend the winter here and you can see them&nbsp.

You can be one of the first to ride the Ferrari of trains - Travel+Leisure
Travelers looking to explore Japan's most impeccable sights can do so aboard a new luxury train created by the designer behind famed luxury cars that include the Ferrari Enzo, the Porsche AG, and the Maserati Quattroporte. The opulent Train Suite&nbsp.

Japan: the land of a thousand conveniences - Deutsche Welle
Visitors readying to flock to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics can expect a dizzying array of services in Japan where quirky, futuristic gadgets and everyday conveniences ease the passage through the stresses of daily life. "Attention to others is at the.

5 tips for staying healthy while traveling in Japan this winter
I spent two winter seasons working in the hospital emergency ... In this article, I’ll share some tips on how to stay healthy while traveling in Japan in wintertime, based on my experience working with hundreds of foreigners who ended up in hospital.

Bullring Birmingham - shops, where to eat, opening times and parking
A boutique selling jewellery, bags, footwear, lingerie, winter and summer essentials ... where the staff can offer free skincare advice and make-up tips. Bose is home to audio, headphones, Bluetooth, home cinema and sound touch cinema.

The wooded wonders of Japan's Ise-Shima region - Travel+Leisure
As I puffed my way up a steep, forested path in a spirit-filled corner of Japan , my guide , Kimi Kuribayashi, told me a story. ... But traveling across Japan has also taught me, again and again, that the most magnetic places in this land are its.

Japan's Hot Tub Theme Park Just Opened, Complete With a Bathtub Merry-Go-Round - Travel+Leisure
Japan's highly anticipated, improbably real, spa-themed amusement park opened in Beppu over the weekend, about eight months after the idea for the project was first announced. The theme park has all the fantastical, onsen-themed rides the city&nbsp.

Okinawa, Japan: The island where people have the longest lifespan
Japan's subculture of train fanatics: What being a train geek really means in Japan * Japan travel tips for beginners ... "Between January and the end of March, humpback whales spend the winter here and you can see them leaping from the water.