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Bhutan caught in big neighbour stand-off - The Straits Times
Currently, Bhutan's relations are heavily tilted in India's favour, under a treaty to guide Bhutan's foreign policy. ... The special relationship between Bhutan and India started in the wake of the Chinese occupation of Tibet during the 1950s.

Nepal's restoration of riches - The Globe and Mail
Although his daughter, Bidhya, a smart and capable 26-year-old gender-studies student, has been hired to be my official tour guide , Phuyal has decided to accompany us, uncomfortable with the idea of two of us women travelling on our own into remote.

‘Tribes and shamans become your hosts’ – India’s remote Arunachal Pradesh
Arunachal Pradesh feels very removed from the rest of India. It rises up ... the world after Potala Palace in Tibet. So there are guesthouses and hotels in Tawang but in the jungles and highlands it’s a case of your guide finding you a place to stay.

Sherpa Garden, a Louisville spinoff, shows peaks and valleys - Colorado Springs Independent
Kandu Sherpa and her husband Pasang, both originally from Nepal , have operated Tibet's , an eatery in Louisville, Colorado, for the past decade. ... Plus, who better to trust as a guide than a representative of an ethnic group legendary for.

Stupas, Shrines, and Summits—A Beginner's Guide to Visiting Nepal -
Here, in this Himalayan nation landlocked between Tibet to the north and India to the south, predictability seems to be as rare and difficult a feat as summiting Everest (which towers at 29,029 feet in Nepal's northeast and is known to locals as.

'India did not welcome the new constitution of Nepal, but it must now stand on the side of local elections' - Times of India (blog)
But Kathmandu wants to take advantage of the infrastructure that is opening up to the north, with the railway arriving in Tibet . But it is not conceivable that Nepal will ever deliberately try to harm India's security interests from that direction.

Nepal Is Said to Detain 41 Tibetans Traveling to India - New York Times
The Tibetans then decide whether to stay in India , sometimes for many years, or return home. Although the Dalai Lama advocates greater autonomy for Tibetan regions within the framework of Chinese governance, the ruling Chinese Communist Party&nbsp.

Tea house trek combines rural Nepal culture with Himalayan majesty -
The earth wasn't exactly moving beneath our feet, but right where we were standing, the Indian tectonic plate was smashing in excruciating slow motion into the Eurasian plate, adding a few extra centimetres each year to the tallest mountain range in.

UK man is the unluckiest traveller on the world
“Last year in India I was arguing with a tuktuk driver who was trying ... “We went on a day trip to an island and informed the guide we would come back the next day when the boat arrived again. There was a shop there and so we even imagined ourselves.

What's behind the India-China border stand-off? - BBC News
Why Doklam and Bhutan matter: India can't be seen to abandon its allies Hindustan Times.

Five reasons to spend a fortune on Kailash Mansarovar Yatra - National Herald
The Yatra takes anything between 10 days with private tour operators and around 22 days through the Government of India package and costs within Rs 2 lakhs from home to home. This does ... The private operators take various routes through Nepal onwards.

Indian at Himalayan, tacos at Luchador make us happy - Louisville Eccentric Observer
I can't think of a better way to get my attention than to tell me about a new eatery that serves world cuisine. Clue me in, and I'll be there before you can drop a Salvadorian pupusa. Heck, even another Thai, Korean, Indian or Mexican joint will get my.

A Single Narrow Gasping Lung - Outside Magazine
“I'd call those times incredibly unlikely,” e-mailed guide Adrian Ballinger, who summited Everest without oxygen via the North Col in 2017. In fact, if a climber has ever made the trip without oxygen as fast as Messner and Habeler, I could find no.

How India Got Wrapped Up In China's Belt And Road Initiative, Despite Opposing It - Forbes
While the potential to link Nepal in with the Beijing-Lhasa Expressway and Qinghai- Tibet Railway is on the table. It is China's infrastructure building ... This infrastructure need combined with political spats with India , which cumulated in what has.