Holiday Travel Tips 2013


3 Stellar Trips for Seeing the Perseid Meteor Shower in 2017 - Travel+Leisure
If you've ever been tempted to travel to Iceland to see the northern lights, or to Chile's San Pedro de Atacama Desert to witness the Milky Way, consider planning a jaunt for another of the most stunning aerial shows. Each August, the Northern.

You Can Finally Ride the Funicular From 'La La Land' - Travel+Leisure
The 116-year-old railway shut down after a derailment four years ago for a $5-million safety upgrade. Work included the installation of a brand new evacuation staircase, new motors, and updated safety features. The funicular also got a fresh coat of.

Beautiful Beaches Near New York City - Travel+Leisure
Beach vacations used to imply jet-setting to a tropical island and shelling out major cash just to soak up pristine views of endless ocean. But beachfront getaways are within reach to nearly anyone — including residents of New York City. Just outside.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Were Spotted on a Romantic Malibu Beach Date - Travel+Leisure
Katie Holmes Shares an Adorable Pic With Her 'Sweetie' Suri After Jamie Foxx Photos Go Public Entertainment Tonight.

How Baltimore Quietly Became the Coolest City on the East Coast - Travel+Leisure
Billie Holiday and Cab Calloway grew up here, when a thriving jazz scene lit up Pennsylvania Avenue. Thurgood Marshall, the .... A ragtag venue of graffiti-splashed, catacomb-like rooms, it opened in 2013 in a former Korean mini-mall. After grabbing a.

Keidel: Surging Steelers Still Lucky To Not Face Rodgers
a Thanksgiving Day parade has been as much an American holiday tradition as turkey on the table. Top 5 Winter Travel TipsFive valuable tips to help make your winter travel a safer and more pleasant experience. By Jason Keidel In pro football, when Team A.

9 tips for holiday travel survival
CNN)-- It's never easy ... #ATL24: The invisible army behind the world's busiest airport Here are some tips for making the most out of a sticky travel situation: Check your flight, no matter where you're going. Think you don't have to worry about bad.

Holiday travel airport survival guide
Fox News Traveler put together a holiday airport travel survival guide to help you navigate everything from making sure your family is seated together to entertaining younger seat mates onboard. Below are some of the worst predicaments to find you and your.

Here's a Breakdown of the Top 10 British Royals in Line for the Throne - Travel+Leisure
While, like her Uncle Harry, she is the “spare to the heir,” Charlotte could make history one day thanks to a change under the Succession to the Crown Act. As The Telegraph explained, in 2013 , the rule changed so that princes no longer take precedence.

Thanksgiving holiday travelers will have lots of company in the air and on the roads
AAA also says Americans will pay the lowest holiday airfares since 2013. Here are some tips for making it through this busy travel period. Traveling by air: If you’re headed to Reagan National Airport, keep in mind that parking during the holiday season.

The Price of a Disney World Ticket in 1971 Will Make You Want to Cry - Travel+Leisure
Going to Walt Disney World is a dream come true for millions of kids and kids-at-heart around the globe, but getting up close and personal with Mickey Mouse will cost you. In 1971, a one-day pass to the mouse house would set you back $3.50 (a little.

Editorial: Stay safe during busy, potentially dangerous holiday weekend for travelers
Travel has become as much ... crashes during the Thanksgiving holiday period, making it the deadliest holiday on U.S. roads. In terms of getting ready for a Thanksgiving road trip, NHTSA offers several safety tips: Check tires (including spares) to be.

A Guide to (Somewhat) Painless Thanksgiving Travel
showed that air travel as a whole this holiday season will be the biggest it has been since 2013, with 46 percent of respondents stating that they plan to fly, up 53 percent from 2016. “It looks like a significant number of travelers plan to trade their.

The Country You'll Never Spot Anthony Bourdain In - Travel+Leisure
In 2013 while appearing on Wolf Blitzer's "The Situation Room," Bourdain told Blitzer he thought visiting North Korea for his show was “inevitable.” “I have kind of low expectations for food scenes there,” he said. “I'll certainly be taking a look at.

This Small Greek Island Is Home to More Than 700 Churches - Travel+Leisure
Tsoclis's TV show, Traveling with Maya Tsoclis, ran from 2007 to 2013 , and during three of those years she also served in the Greek parliament. Now she and her husband, Alex Kouris, own the successful Cyclades Microbrewery on Tínos, and she puts out an&nbsp.