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The queen rode the train on Monday - AOL
Queen Elizabeth usually prefers to travel via Range Rover, at least when she's at leisure at her summer residence in Balmoral, Scotland. On Monday, however, she took a different mode of transportation when she hopped on the train —yes, the conveyance&nbsp.

Tips for riding Germany's trains and trams
When things go right, however, negotiating the rail network is one of the most pleasant German travel experiences that doesn't involve a Mercedes-Benz 450. Yes, punctuality has declined in recent years -- so hold your stereotyping comments about German.

Tips for rail travel
The most extensive and most reliable train travel planner for all of Europe is the one belonging to the German railways (DB). Keep in mind that you can buy any train ticket from their website - as long as it begins or ends in Germany. Although it once held.

Pregnant woman reportedly hit and killed by train during modeling shoot - AOL
Navasota train death: Woman was excellent athlete who wanted to be a model Bryan-College Station Eagle.

Train travel in Europe tips: 10 things you need to know -
In the beginning, there was the TGV and the Eurostar, now there's also the SJ, RJ and AVE, not to mention the ICE (Intercity Express trains in Germany ), the Euromed (in Spain), the Thalys (Belgium), the SuperCity (Czech Republic), the Railjet (Austria.

Sketch of Suspect in Indiana Girls' Murder Renews Hope for Case - New York Times
The person depicted in this sketch who is believed to be connected to the murders of Abigail J. “Abby” Williams and Liberty Rose Lynn “Libby” German . The person depicted in the composite sketch is ... By Tuesday, they had 500 new tips , according to the.

6 Silk Road secrets: Traveling in Central Asia's Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan - CNN
CNN) A quarter of a century on from independence, the Central Asian 'Stan nations are still shrouded in obscurity and intrigue. The five nations that make up the crux of the ancient Silk Road route from China to the West have had more than their fair.

Trump Confronts German Port City That's Already Turning to China - Bloomberg
German police clash with protesters before G20 summit

How to Explore the Best of Europe on a Budget - Travel+Leisure
While the elder Steves' books offer more lengthy selections, “City-Hopping on a Budget” narrows options down for travelers who might only have a few days in a location. Travel + Leisure asked Steves about his top tips for travelers trying to save money.

India: getting there -
Riding the train is the best way to see the countryside and meet educated middle-class Indians. Mark Smith's railway website ( has excellent advice on what to expect when travelling on Indian Railways, including photographs of sleeper carriages.

London terror attacks: Is it safe to travel to the UK? - Fox News
Police in London are treating the attack as an act of terrorism, one of the most serious since the bus and train bombings that took place more than a decade ago. Thursday, many tourists within the country expressed concern online, while those with.