Galapagos Islands Travel Tips


What To Read Before Your Galápagos Vacation - New York Times
Jane Barlow Schwartz is 25 years old and divorced when she decides to go on a nature tour of the Galápagos Islands . Her tour guide turns out to be her childhood best friend and distant cousin, Martha Barlow, with whom she'd had a mysterious rupture in.

Galapagos Islands Travel Tips
Welcome to the Around the World Interview series on Ordinary Traveler! Every couple of weeks we will have a new guest who has either lived or spent an extended amount of time in a particular country. Each guest will give valuable insights and tips to a.

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You'll want comfortable shoes, a couple of swimsuits and, of course, plenty of sunscreen. But to really get the most out of your Galápagos trip , the editors at The Wirecutter, a product review website owned by The New York Times Company, recommend a.

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And it was just 50 years ago that Lars-Eric Lindblad brought the first civilians on a no-frills trip to the islands for non-research purposes. Now Lars-Eric's son, Sven Lindblad, and Lindblad Expeditions in collaboration with National Geographic serves.

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Here are tips from meteorologists, a travel insurance agent and other experts who offered advice on where to go, where to avoid and how to hedge your bets once you've booked your trip during Caribbean hurricane season. The season of savings. Each year&nbsp.

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I imagine you'd liken such an opportunity to, say, shagging Halle Berry, or maybe bumping plates with The Rock in some hole-in-the-wall gym, or quitting your job and assuming the identity of some billionaire who owns more private islands than he does.

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The Galapagos archipelago is located 575 miles off the coast of Ecuador and its surrounding waters are both a national park and biological marine preserve. The best way to see the island and immerse yourself in its beauty is to take a calming cruise.

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Imagine being on a 16-person yacht with just one guide and trying to manage communication with a couple from France, a German family and a group of friends from Australia. This situation is very common in the Galapagos Islands, and can make things.

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That vacation was a life-changing experience for tour operator Quasar Expeditions' sales manager Eric Andrews, who became a marine biologist and later, a dive guide and cruise director with the company. "The Galapagos Islands are so authentic and raw,&nbsp.

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About 10 minutes by boat from the island of Aruba, there is an island owned by the luxury Renaissance hotel chain where flamingos like to roam, and vacationers are able to take a dip with the pink, feathery creatures.

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When the first of her three children neared age 8, and school events and sports increasingly demanded the family's time, Tracy Krechevsky, 52, a teacher in Wellesley, Mass., decided they needed a plan to make the most of their vacations. ÔÇťWe knew the&nbsp.

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and all are led by a professional photographer as well as a local guide; there are usually four to 12 travelers on every itinerary. From $2,595, including accommodations, some meals, daily photography lessons and destination tours. Book at or.