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Thomas Cook cancels all holiday packages and flights to Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt following Foreign Office advice -
Peterborough's Thomas Cook cancels flights and holiday bookings to Sharm el Sheikh Peterborough Telegraph.

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News that a British family were shot at after straying into a favela while touring Brazil has sent shock waves through the tourism industry. Brazillian officials made a huge effort in recent years to clean up the country's image before the World Cup in.

Egypt travel advice relaxed by UK Foreign Office
The Foreign Office has relaxed its travel advice for British citizens heading to Egypt. It has lifted its advice - put in place on 28 January amid widespread unrest - against "all but essential" travel to Cairo, Alexandria and Suez. Following Hosni Mubarak.

Is it safe to travel to Egypt? Travel advice for Sharm El Sheikh, Cairo, Luxor and the Nile -
Some areas of Egypt are deemed as no-go areas for tourists while others are classified as being safe. There is no FCO advice against travel to Cairo, Alexandria, the tourist areas along the Nile river (including Luxor, Qina, Aswan, Abu Simbel and the.

Trump's Foreign-Policy Meltdown - The Nation.
Assessing his first 100 days in office , Britain's venerable Observer commented: “Trump's crudely intimidatory, violent, know-nothing approach to sensitive international issues has encircled the globe from Moscow to the Middle East to Beijing, plunging.

Why Was an Italian Graduate Student Tortured and Murdered in Egypt? - New York Times
The police raided the office where Regeni conducted interviews; wild tales of foreign conspiracies regularly aired on government TV channels. Continue ... Abdullah, who worked for a decade for a Cairo tabloid, in distribution, before rising to the top.

Foreign Office hardens travel advice as laptop ban comes in - Travel Weekly UK
The ban on laptops in aircraft cabins came as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office hardened its travel advice for Egypt , Turkey, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon. “There is a heightened risk of terrorism against aviation. The threat is.

Is it safe to visit Majorca? Travel UPDATE for summer holidays in 2017 -
Travel UPDATE for summer holidays in 2017. MAJORCA is one of the most ... Though Majorca has remained free from any major terrorist incident, the Foreign Office ( FCO ) warns about a 'likely' terror threat in Spain as a whole. This category is the fourth&nbsp.

Foreign Office eases Tunisia travel advice for British tourists
Large phones, laptops and tablets not allowed in the cabin on flights to the UK from Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Tunisia. Announcing the changes to the travel advice, the Foreign Office said: “Since the terrorist attack in Sousse in.

Electronics ban on some flights now in effect: What does it means for airline passengers? - The Independent
The airport, serving Egypt's premier holiday resort, is still on a Foreign Office no-fly list. ... No. There are already wide-ranging warnings from the Foreign Office about the nations on the list, including advice against all but essential travel to.

'Don't use the N-word and don't flick the V sign in Britain': Russia's Foreign Ministry issues its nationals with an ... - Daily Mail
From reminding citizens not to use the N-word when travelling , to warning them of Canada's 'obsession' with gender equality and the minefield of LGBT issues in France, an etiquette guide has been published online by Russia's Foreign Ministry , for its&nbsp.

By Wendy Gomersall For The Mail On Sunday - Daily Mail
Renewed interest in all things Egyptian is great news for the country's tourism industry, which still hasn't fully recovered from the 2011 revolution and its aftermath. But as I write, there is no Foreign Office advice against travel to the capital.

Is it safe to travel to Tunisia? - Skyscanner News (blog)
Since the terrorist attacks in Tunisia in 2015, the UK Foreign Office has advised against travelling to most parts of the country, and holidays and flights to Tunisia have been cancelled. In May this year the FCO extended its travel warning for another.