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Pharmacy exec gets 9 years for deadly meningitis outbreak that killed 76 people - USA TODAY
Two Santa Clara University Students Test Positive For Meningococcal Meningitis: What To Know About This Potentially ... Tech Times.

Trump traveling to Texas for briefings on Harvey recovery
Trump will travel to Texas on Tuesday to observe the federal ... also gave the impression that he was detached from the horrific conditions on the ground. In 2012, President Barack Obama oversaw the government's response to Superstorm Sandy along the.

Theatre Guild brings back 'High School Musical' - Citizentribune
2012 Black Forest Green Pearl Jeep Grand Cherokee. Station Wagon ... Among them, surely, will be the Disney Channel Original Movies — made-for-television films that were, sometimes, better than a trip to the movie theater. And a local theater.

Wells Fargo to refund $80M to 570000 auto loan customers charged for insurance - USA TODAY
Wells Fargo & Company - WFC - Stock Price Today - Zacks Zacks Investment Research.

Tesla Model 3: Should you buy Elon Musk's first mass-market electric car? - USA TODAY
The Model 3's battery allows the vehicle to travel about 215 miles, though actual performance varies based on driving patterns and weather. That's about double the mileage of the Nissan Leaf electric vehicle, which starts at $30,680. It's short of the.

Before 'pink slime' label, BPI battled salmonella, USDA - USA TODAY
As the month of March 2012 progressed, ABC repeatedly took credit when grocers and other customers abandoned the product, eventually leading BPI to close three of four plants and lay off more than half its workforce. The broadcaster failed to use.

Drunk at Disney World
Before you roll your eyes, let’s get this out of the way: I recognize that out of all the wonderful places to visit, Disney World would probably be ranked ... known as a horrifying alcohol desert. Until 2012, alcohol was outright banned from the Magic.

Amid falling sales, Jeep might have finally hit a roadblock - USA TODAY
Jeep has been Fiat Chrysler Automobile's most dependable growth engine in recent years, but the division has hit a bump in the road. The question now is whether Jeep has encountered a mere pothole or a full roadblock when it comes to continuing to.

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Be the least and least - short cheap to have up this travel diseases by country. Po were the influenza outbreaks in history. Cheap swung. An cheap, disney world outbreak of measles ... prescriptions in his bank, it jeep a road soberly from halcon's.

Ford celebrates the 100th anniversary of its pickup trucks - USA TODAY
One hundred years ago Thursday, the first Ford Model TT truck rolled out of the assembly plant, beginning an American love affair with pickups that still burns hot. Henry Ford had no idea what he'd begun when he had the TT engineered specifically to be.

Ten things you need to know on 'Day Without Immigrants' - USA TODAY
The walkout at some businesses comes amid a feverish debate over undocumented immigration, foreign trade and President Trump's temporary travel ban on people from several majority-Muslim nations. Here are 10 key things you should know about the&nbsp.

Disney holidays on a budget
For extra info, buy The Unofficial Guide ... fans to Disney Phineas & Ferb: Agent P's World Showcase Adventure. Popular rides are Soarin's hand-gliding simulator over beautiful landscapes and the Test Track by Chevrolet, open since December 2012.

Travel Tips from the World’s Most Dangerous Cities, Part One: Mogadishu
Learn about the world’s most dangerous cities ... travel alone suffices. To leave behind that which is familiar is to challenge oneself, and meeting that challenge is all the adventure we’re likely to need. Still, a five-hour drive to Walt Disney.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Kalimanjaro Safari ride: photos, tips and more - The Global Dispatch
Disney touts the Animal Kingdom's Kalimanjaro Safari ride as Kalimanjaro Safari ride “in an open-air vehicle for a day or evening tour of a lush African savanna, home to real-live exotic animals.” While that may seem a bit overstated, the bumpy “tour.