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What Will New Cuba Travel Regulations Mean for the Music Industry? - Billboard
That's because the announced new rules prohibit Americans from spending money in any establishment in which the Cuban military , via its business arm, the Armed Forces Business Enterprises Group (known as GAESA), has a financial interest. ... Since 2016.

The Mysterious Madame Giselle
He saw her doling out $100 tips “like she was handing out Coca-Colas,” he says ... and said she was renting an apartment in their building only because it was convenient, given her heavy travel schedule, while she was renovating a much larger residence.

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Cuba diplomats ousted after bizarre incident with US embassy workers in Havana USA TODAY.

Another Stripe on the Tiger: Fear of Trump’s Cuba Policy­
How hard can it be to send a piano to Cuba? In May 2016, I wrote an article ... to prohibit dealings with the Cuban military, intelligence and security services, and eliminate individual ‘people-to-people’ travel. Neither of these are relevant for.

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Trump to limit Cuba travel , restrict business deals with military - draft memo AOL.

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Donald Trump closes the door to Cuba —a bit The Economist.

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Popular travel guide company Lonely Planet also has experienced an increase in Cuba guidebook sales, according to Katie Coffee, the company's director of marketing. Lonely Planet Cuba is the company's second-bestselling ... That type of solo travel has.

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Cuba : The sound of violence The Week UK.

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Trump expected to unveil new Cuba policy as early as next Friday Bangor Daily News.

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Trump's rollback of Obama's Cuba policies may harm the Cubans it means to help Business Insider.

Trump Considers Rolling Back Obama's Opening With Cuba - New York Times
Trump administration nearing completion of Cuba policy review: Sources CNBC.

Traveling to Cuba? This Q&A has info on visas, credit cards, hotels and how not to run afoul of US law -
There are 12 categories of authorized travel to Cuba : family visits; official business of the U.S. government, foreign governments, and certain intergovernmental organizations; journalistic activity; professional research and professional meetings.

Senate candidate Doug Jones answers questions from canceled forum
More than 109,000 of the DACA participants served in the military and naturalized as citizens as of 2015. In 2016 alone, 359 DACA recipients ... I oppose rolling back the expansion of trade and travel to Cuba, which would have a damaging effect on Alabama.

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