Costa Rica Travel Tips 2013


Safety in Costa Rica & Travel Safety Tips
However, when I went to the U.S. Department of State website, there was no travel warning issued for Costa Rica. Costa Rica is the safest country ... 2586-4287, or 2586-4458 Tips on How to Avoid Becoming a Victim Most of these things are common sense.

Costa Rica Travel Budget: How Much Does It Cost?
Is it possible to travel in Costa Rica on a budget? Learn how much it cost me to backpack in Costa Rica — along with my favorite travel tips, accommodation, and activities. Everywhere I traveled in Central America, I kept hearing the same thing.

Costa Rica travel guide
Steaming rainforest, iridescent hummingbirds, smouldering volcanoes, tumbling rivers, and miles of palm-fringed sandy beaches: if Mother Nature can ever be accused of showing off, it is in Costa Rica ... The World Travel Guide (WTG) is the flagship.

The Concise Costa Rica Travel Prep Guide
For the lucky ones who get to visit this lush, beautiful country, our Costa Rica travel guide below can help you prep, pack and plan for the adventure well in advance! In comparison with other destinations like Hawaii and parts of South America.

Are You Going to Grenada or Granada? Don’t Get Mixed Up by These Commonly Confused Airports
On FlyerTalk, travelers point to Springfield, MO (SGF) and Springfield, IL (SPI); San Jose, California (SJC) and San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO ... Receive exclusive travel deals, insider tips, inspiration, breaking news updates, and more.

A Foodie's Guide To Costa Rica
Costa Rica has a bit of a rip-roaring reputation to maintain ... As harvesters peel cinnamon bark and chop turmeric on either side of you, your tour guide explains the plantation’s crops, from black pepper to Ceylon cinnamon, in a hands-on demonstration.

5 Best Eco-Excursions to Experience While in Costa Rica
Ah, Costa Rica… the small Central American country nestled between ... and offers a 2.5 hour tour that is riveting in information and hands-on experiences. You will follow your guide through the beautiful landscape of the coffee plantation, and learn.

What Are the Road Conditions in Costa Rica Like For Popular Destinations and Routes?
This photo is from 2013 and the footbridge ... follow us on Facebook for more Costa Rica travel tips and inspiration! Now you know what the road conditions in Costa Rica are like for popular destinations and routes and it will help make your trip planning.

Travel: Nature, adventure beckon in Costa Rica
Q TRAVEL (from This travel story comes with a caution: if you’re visiting Costa Rica for any reason other than its ... but it was prudent to exercise caution, our guide Jonny warned us. “There are snakes around here and they.

Top 10 Costa Rica Itineraries: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our New Travel Guide
It wasn’t our original intention to become travel planners, or to write a guidebook, but shortly after moving to Costa Rica in July 2013, people began to ... questions became the framework for Top 10 Costa Rica Itineraries. Through any one of the ten.