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Travel Advice from Bizarre Foods' Andrew Zimmern, Who Takes 200 Trips a Year - GQ Magazine
Andrew Zimmern likes his hotels curated, his food local, and his bags checked. As the host of Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel, he makes more than 200 trips a year around the world to sample everything from scorpions on toast to poisonous cane toads.

David Beckham Spent '48 Hours in China' and the Internet Is Not Happy - Travel+Leisure
Last week, David Beckham spent two days in Shanghai and Hong Kong promoting AIA, a life insurance empire for which he is the new global ambassador. After his whirlwind tour of the two cities, the soccer star posted a video to Facebook with the caption:&nbsp.

How to see Beijing in three days (because you don't need a visa for 72-hour visits) - Washington Post
For visitors from the United States (and about 50 other countries), China does not require a visa for 72-hour visits, as long as you enter and leave from the same city and prove that you have another ultimate destination. This is the ... Here are some.

Promoting another side - Chinadaily USA
Commenting on how Hong Kong is seen now, Feng Rao, head of the travel research center of says: "Shopping is not the prime aim of Chinese mainland travelers anymore." Meanwhile, official data shows that in the first half ... Feng says that.

Anthony Bourdain And Eric Ripert Share Their Best Travel Tips - Forbes
Based at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, this food festival is unique in that you get up-close access to luminaries like Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert. We caught up with the sharp tongued author-slash-television host and the soft-spoken French chef.

Traveling for Free: Seven Tips
But I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact, there are even ways to travel for free. The main expenses for anyone traveling whether short or long term, are food ... the vast plains of northern China to the beautiful lakes.

The vegetarian traveller's guide to survival.
But the more we have travel more we lear ... In the west you can find them in almost every eatery, whereas in China and other eastern countries they're mostly available in all fast food chains like McDonalds & KFC. Belgian fries with samurai sauce.

Wish You Were Here: Antarctica, China and more - The Mercury News
Our globetrotting readers have been traveling around the world, visiting Antarctica, China and more. Now they're sharing images and travel tips in one of our most beloved reader features, Wish You Were Here. ANTARCTICA: Cupertino residents Steve and&nbsp.

7 Countries Where You Can Travel on $30 a Day or Less - Money Magazine
Top money saving tip : Take advantage of the amazing street food in Thailand. ... In my experience in small-town China , you can buy large beers at the grocery store for as little as 30 cents and bring them into almost any restaurant, no questions asked.

Maximize the Joy of Travel
Achor delved into the psychology of experiences that awe people and the physiology of adventure to explain the relationship between joy and travel, and identified the 10 most joyous places in the world. He also shared the following tips on how to make.