Busiest Travel Day Year Myth


Today Is Not the Busiest Travel Day of the Year
The commonly held "wisdom" is that the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the ... travel days of the year are during the summer months, between mid-June and early August. When it comes to cars, the data's not as clear. AAA told ABC.

Tom Price Needs Private Jets Because He's Very Busy, Trump Administration Says
WASHINGTON ― Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price needs to travel on private jets for his job because he is extremely busy, a spokeswoman said Wednesday ... She added that Price works 13 hours most days. Driving to Dulles from HHS.

Busiest Travel Day of the Year is Actually a Myth
NEW YORK) -- Get ready for long lines at the airport on Wednesday. Or, maybe not. The commonly held "wisdom" is that the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year. That's not true, at least when it comes to flying. "It is not.

Union backlash as Boxing Day trade laws pass Parliament
The bill, which follows a two-year Boxing Day trial ... for retail workers having two days family time to properly celebrate Christmas like everyone else. “The religious nature of Christmas plus the way people often travel in order ‘to come home.

Fall is Wisconsin's busiest season, prime time for picking
Lisa Marshall, of the Wisconsin Department of Tourism,, said Summer is Wisconsin's busiest travel ... Susan Day, communications coordinator at the Arboretum, said. The Arboretum has served as place to help foster education of nature year round since.

The busiest travel days at Detroit Metro may surprise you
Here's a myth-buster. The busiest travel days of the year at Detroit Metro Airport are not around Thanksgiving or Christmas or any holiday at all. They are right now. August. The three busiest days of the year for passenger travel at Metro Airport are Aug.

Thanksgiving Travel: Act Now or Pay More
Rick Seaney, CEO of the air-travel planning service FareCompare, recommends avoiding travel on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (Nov. 22) and the Sunday after (Nov. 26), as these are generally the busiest and most expensive days to fly. Flying the Tuesday.

AAA: Americans fall for autumn travel
before the arrival of another busy holiday season. According to a new survey from AAA, more than one in four Americans (28 percent) expects to take a vacation this year between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. Boston is on the list of top ten fall destinations.

Travel agencies busy adjusting trips to Puerto Rico
Doreen Coakley Rodriguez here at New World Travel Adventure in Springfield said she recommends travel insurance to everyone who vacations to the islands. Especially during Hurricane Season. “This time of the year I recommend it to people. I say do you.

5 biggest holiday travel myths debunked
Let’s debunk the top 5 complaints I hear all the time. MYTH: The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year. FACT: Actually, last year it was August 8. There are rough days to travel around the holidays, including Wednesday.