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36 Hours in Bali - New York Times
Still, Bali is not a place to blunder into without careful research — 2015 and 2016 were record-setting years for foreign tourist arrivals (with a total of nine million plus), and pockets of south, west and central Bali have shockingly bad traffic and.

Gould standard: Chris and Robbie Gould cherish distinct paths to the NFL
at San Francisco 49ers Bay Area Travel Guide If you're traveling to the Bay Area to catch ... he traded his coaching responsibilities for his ones as an uncle. One of the NFL’s best-known kickers stood just a few feet away, smiling as he watched his.

Taking the Plunge at the New Volcano Bay Water Park in Orlando - New York Times
Volcano Bay, you see, was once home to the ancient Waturi people, who found it only after searching Hawaii, Bali , Tahiti, New Zealand and Easter Island. Finally, at the edge of the world, having appropriated bits of various Pacific Islander cultures.

In Bali, 4 Foreign Inmates Tunnel Out of Prison - New York Times
Australian Shaun Davidson jailed in Bali for using another man's passport The Sydney Morning Herald.

New Priority for Ocean Resorts: Restoring Reefs - New York Times
Outrigger's Ozone began in June 2015 , joining a number of other resorts working to undo the reef damage caused by large structures on the beach, climate change, land-based pollution and the impact of fishing. There's a ... Outrigger Konotta, along with.

Travel Apps and Games for Children on the Go - New York Times
To help maintain order in the back seat and stave off midair meltdowns, do yourself and fellow passengers a favor: Throw out your usual screen time limits and let the children binge on movies and gaming apps for those travel hours. You can quash.

Travel Industry Scrambles After New Cuba Restrictions - New York Times
Mr. Laverty said he fielded “endless” calls during the past two days from travel operators and travelers trying to figure out how they would be affected by the new policy. On Friday, he wrote in an email to clients that the organization was “very.

Where do Asia's top chefs shop for ingredients?
When Seoul's inaugural Michelin Guide was announced in 2016 ... worked around the world with stints in Australia, Bali, Cambodia and Montenegro, before landing at the Amanoi resort in Vietnam in 2015. In a country renowned for the vibrancy of its herbs.

Where the Ping-Pong Scene Never Sleeps - New York Times
Pips & Bounce is among the bars in Ping-Pong-mad Portland featuring table tennis as a central attraction. Credit Jeremy Bittermann for The New York Times. Most major cities have some sort of niche Ping-Pong scene, typically in a clean-cut setting akin.

How to Find an Affordable Safari - New York Times
An African safari can be an expensive vacation proposition — many camps in prime game-viewing areas run close to four figures per person per night, and the multiple flights required to reach them ratchet up the cost even more. But a safari in Africa.

Mixed Victory Over Domestic Violence Leave. Also: Australia Rejects Ransom Demands - New York Times
Last night, “Four Corners,” a news program of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, looked into Mr. Trump's business dealings in the country, which includes the development of a large Bali resort that will overlook the temple of Tanah Lot, one of.

How Much Are Frequent Flier Miles Really Worth? - New York Times
In 2015 , United and Delta joined Southwest, Jet Blue and other airlines that award miles based upon ticket price and class, rather than distance traveled. ... When I got home, I found the proverbial lump of coal in my United Mileage Plus account.

North Korea Tour Options Dwindle for Americans. But Not by Much. - New York Times
United States citizens undaunted by travel to a region hostile to them still have plenty of other options: At least four other companies say they will continue to take Americans to North Korea despite the death of Mr. Warmbier and the detention of.