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Election set to shape Albania's relationship with the EU - Financial Times
Fredi Muho was overjoyed when an appeal court upheld his family's ownership of a nine-hectare plot of land overlooking a sandy beach on Albania 's rugged Adriatic coastline. But his dreams of building a boutique hotel for tourists were upended within&nbsp.

Albania's pro-EU Socialists on course for election victory - Financial Times
Socialists win majority in Albania general election

'Pharma bro' stirs mixed feelings in his ancestral Albanian village - Daily Mail
Many were unaware Shkreli had said he was more financially successful than fellow Albanian Mother Teresa of Calcutta, the Nobel Peace Prize winner canonized by the Catholic Church as a saint - a comment which triggered a deluge of criticism in social&nbsp.

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Activities for Mental Health Groups ***KR Note ... being - blog post via @hleguilloux including tips to improve well-being, suggested readings & infographic. Did you know that nerve impulses in the brain travel as fast as 170 mph? Learn more body facts.

Albania shows EU enlargement is far from over - Financial Times
For all the smart talk in Brussels of a halt to EU enlargement — a victim of Brexit, rising nationalism and “expansion fatigue” — it is worth noting that, actually, it hasn't halted at all. On the contrary, with respect to one set of accession.

Albania, the former Communist country, is cheap, beautiful and charmingly odd - Minneapolis Star Tribune
But I did meet up with my friend Charles Neville, who was in Tirana to do reconnaissance for tour company JayWay Travel , which offers tours to Albania . “We added Albania because it's a fascinating country, closed off from the world during the Communist.

Albania's Socialists set to win parliamentary election - Financial Times
Previous elections in Albania have been marked by voting irregularities and outbreaks of violence. The interior ministry said several hundred cases of vote-buying and intimidation of votes were reported but did not give any details. Turn-out, at 45 per.

Flares halt Albania-Italy World Cup qualifier as Gianluigi Buffon celebrates his 1000th game - South China Morning Post
Italy beat Albania in match marred by crowd trouble Times of India.

Unpacking Women's Travel: Tips for Female Travelers
Lewis champions women by making travel—especially solo travel—more accessible through the sharing of tips, guides and support ... but women have a unique set of concerns when it comes to their health and safety while traveling. My aim is to offer.

Why do players lose all sense of reason when they score... isn't that what they train for every day? Plus, the problem with Zlatan Ibrahimovic's Man United return and Arsenal's ...
Another sly dig at Brexit in a Martin Samuel article. Let's keep the political opinions out ... Point five: never take travel tips from this man. M1 until you come to the M62 turn off, continue to Junction 16, go left onto the Manchester M60 Ring Road.

EU cannot ignore Albania's descent into disorder - Financial Times
In this year of make-or-break elections in France, Germany and the UK, it was never likely that Albania's parliamentary elections in June were going to command the same level of international attention. Yet developments in the Balkans over the coming&nbsp.