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4 Tips for Avoiding Holiday Travel Hell
I despise business travel in all ... where the major airlines and hotel chains thought none existed (Note: As far as I know, they have no solution for the miasma that is New Jersey Transit). That said, here are four quick tips you can use to pull the.

When it comes to getting to the airport, err on the side of caution because the odds are never in your favor - Los Angeles Times
You'll find a lot of tips about holiday travel on Page L4 of this week's section, and chief among them is to allow yourself plenty of time . That's true not only at the holidays but any time because anything can trip you up. (If you're flying out of LAX.

Tips for booking holiday flights using airline miles
The turkey and dressing, songs by the fire, time ... airline miles, then turn to your credit card points that can be used at a fixed value toward travel. I’ve saved my favorite holiday award travel tip for last, and it is to consider flying first class.

Top tips for Dallas travelers going places on the Thanksgiving holiday - CultureMap Dallas
You'll want to check with your airline for flight departure/arrival status prior to arriving at the airport. Arrive at least 90 minutes to two hours before your flight to allow time for parking, check-in, baggage check, security, and any unplanned.

OKC Thunder Players Surprised to Find Huge Dent in Plane After Landing - Travel+Leisure
NBA players from the Oklahoma City Thunder got a surprise when they got off their flight in Chicago this weekend: The front of their aircraft was badly dented after likely colliding with a bird during the flight . Although the giant dent in the nose.

Thanksgiving travel tips: Flight delays and long airport lines
Flight delays are much more likely to occur when traveling during Thanksgiving week, according to Airhelp, a website that helps travelers receive compensation for delayed or canceled flights. STEP-BY-STEP: Guide for first-time flyers And Newark Airport.

10 Best Tips for Traveling Europe
Whether it’s your first time visiting Europe or you visit multiple times per year, avoiding some of the most common travel mistakes will make your trip so much more enjoyable! A little planning goes a long way and these ten tips will help you a smarter.

Travellers face new security measures on all US-bound flights - The Independent
Delta Air Lines said it was telling passengers travelling to the US to arrive at the airport at least three hours before their flight and allow extra time to get through security. United declined to comment, while American did not immediately respond.

These Tricks Could Help You Get Your Luggage First at Baggage Claim - Travel+Leisure
Once you're off of a flight and in your new destination, it's easy to get excited about hitting the road right there and then. The only problem is, if you've checked in a bag, you'll have to wait for it to come around the carousel. But those looking to.

Helpful airport tips for holiday travel
Come Thanksgiving, the holiday travel crunch begins. Whether you’re taking to the skies or the road, some planning strategies can help make that journey smoother. We all know the basic stuff — download your boarding pass ahead of time, sign up for TSA.

Why You Should Never Sleep on Long Flights: Travel Tips From a Marine - Bloomberg
When you travel with the Marines, you don't get the luxury of time off to relax and recover, whether this is going to San Diego for Marine Corps boot camp or flying to Kuwait in preparation for the war. You've ... The first time I heard this, it kind.

Elevate Your International Flight Experience with These Travel Hacks - Inverse
First off, luggage. Many international flights include a free checked bag along with your carry-on and personal item. But did you know that the allowable size of carry-on luggage differs for each airline ? To make sure you're not stuck paying extra.

First Class air war intensifies with suites replacing seats - The Independent
At the start of the Dubai Air Show at its home base, the airline said each First Class passenger on its Boeing 777 jets will be assigned up to 40 square feet of personal space with “suites” measuring 7ft by 5ft 8in. ... Emirates' president, Sir Tim.

Thanksgiving Travel: Tips on the Best Times to Drive and the Worst Airports to Avoid
Of those, Airlines ... to go on time, but also the best and worst days to travel. Here were the results. It should come as no surprise that many of the airports with the biggest issues are also the busiest and most congested. Here are some tips to help.