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'Record number' of illegal puppies seized ahead of Christmas rush, charity warns - ITV News
Bootleg breeders are illegally smuggling thousands of puppies into Britain to meet Christmas demand, a dog welfare charity has warned. Nearly 100 were seized at the border in one week, the Dogs Trust said, labelling the record clampdown "just the tip.

Readers’ tips: How to make air travel easier
This week we went looking for some tips on how to make air travel (from the moment ... Cycle series: Views that have to be Sneem Travel Bag: We check out the deals so you don’t have to Two-minute city guide: Madrid Ear plugs (and if you want to sleep.

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But what are the signs that your four-legged friend is struggling in heat - and how can you help them? Our furry companions do have natural coping mechanisms that keep them cool, but it is still worth noting the following tips and tricks to support.

Why You Should Never Sleep Through Takeoff or Landing - Travel+Leisure
The reason behind this is that air pressure inside a plane changes rapidly during take off and landing. As British pharmacist Angela Chalmers explained to Express, “A quick change in altitude affects the air pressure in the ear . This leads to a vacuum.

I Had Never Touched a Gun Before the Las Vegas Massacre. Then I Bought One. -
I pretty much acquiesced to everything he recommended, but I drew the line at a gun safe, reasoning that there are no children anywhere near my life, and my dogs were unlikely to go snooping around the locking hard-shell briefcase in which I was.

Traveling with Your Pet This Holiday Season? Here's How to Make It Easier
Air travel is often a ... but what does he know about pet travel? A lot! One of his most frequent travel companions is his French Bulldog Miles, who is part of’s PointsPups. Take a look at the tips and secrets Kelly has for all those.

How to Shoot a Great Dog Photo -
And what a dog she is. Valley, aka Max-Well's Valley Girl, won Best of Breed at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in 2012 with Glas as the owner-handler. The photographer took advantage of his 24/7 access to take a world-class portrait of a world.

Taking your dog along for the ride? Modesto trainer has tips for car travel - Modesto Bee
Without question, the safest way for dogs to travel in the car is secured in a crate. In the event of an accident, if the dog is ... He must be tethered, but this is still not a safe form of transport as it leaves him exposed to flying debris and.

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Who invented cotton buds to clean people's ears ? Because according to medical specialists around the world - we shouldn't be using them. Could you imagine not hearing the things you hear everyday? It's impossible, but apparently if you're using ear.

Air Travel With Your Retriever
So for any hunter planning to go to the trouble of flying some distance for a hunt this season, it's important to be prepared for the procedures regarding airline travel ... of experience traveling with his dogs, Stewart shared his tips for making the.

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“During the design process, Hainan Airlines and Laurence Xu met and talked frequently, going through more than 1,000 design blueprints and trying out more than one hundred samples of garments and accessories,” according to a statement from the airline.

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While summertime staples like fireworks and backyard barbecues are enjoyable for most families, pet owners should know the serious health risks that some warm-weather activities can pose. Keeping animals comfortable as temperatures rise will help&nbsp.