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Your weekend edit: 5 events that you'll love - with and without a date
It’s time to catch some fresh air and head to these events- exclusive to this weekend. From a night of music and amazing food, to expert tips on getting the perfect ... End off the day with some music to your ears (literally). Imagine this - the soft.

Travel tips for dogs - Duluth News Tribune
Millions of dog owners in the United States consider their pet to be a part of the family and include them on family vacations. Just like other members of the family, your pup can get car sick, too. Typically, there are two reasons why dogs get car.

Tips For Healthier Air Travel
This keeps you grounded and can spark conversations that make air travel more enjoyable. A new and unique way to do this is with a MyFlyBag. This personalized luggage features a photo or image of your choice - your family, a pet, a favorite vacation spot.

theartsdesk on Vinyl 32: OMD, Twin Peaks, Bicep, Sisters of Mercy and more - The Arts Desk
Minor quibbles aside, the majority of The Great Distraction is six to eight minute slow-building hands-in-the- air belters, interwoven with glistening fragments of melody that sweep all and sundry before them. Vessels .... No Glory. and Black Dog.

Traveling with pets can be a challenge
Depending on where you’re traveling, you may also need a copy of your pet’s medical records, and it’s a good idea to ask your vet for a few extra days’ worth of medication. The vet can also give you tips on acclimating your pet to travel and new.

Why domesticated foxes are genetically fascinating (and terrible pets) - PBS NewsHour
First, bringing one into the United States costs almost $9,000. Several states outright ban people from keeping foxes as pets , including California, New York, Texas and Oregon. And of course, while domesticated foxes are friendlier than those in the.

Why snoozing through these specific parts of a flight is bad for your health
7 tips for staying healthy ... shift in altitude makes your ears feel like they need to pop? According to MedlinePlus—a health site run by the US National Library of Medicine—this sensation occurs when the air pressure inside your middle ear and.

8 natural remedies for pediatric ear infections - Fox News
Studies show that garlic is anti-inflammatory, will relieve pain, and can fight an ear infection whether it's viral or bacterial, said Dr. Elisa Song, a holistic pediatrician at Whole Family Wellness in Belmont, California and founder of Healthy Kids.

Hot Car Safety for Dogs: 8 Tips -
Hot Car Safety for Dogs Tip #3: Use tech to stop your car from getting too hot. If you've got the money, invest in new tech. Cool your car down by starting your car and its air conditioning by remote before you even get in it. GMC not only has a myGMC.

No, I'm Not Working On A Novel, But Let Me Tell You About My Shakespeare Crush - WBUR
This answer was both true and a form of misdirection, like when the magician gets you to look at her ear so she can lift your wallet. ... I have no patience for games, not even Scrabble, and certainly nothing that involves flying balls or sweating.

Dogs 101: Tips on caring for your dog - The Mercury News
Fewer things cause more angst to dog and human alike than trimming the nails, but it's a necessary task as longer nails on dogs can result in issues with their hind legs. Before dogs were domesticated, they spent their time .... All you need to do is.

Air Travel With Your Retriever
So for any hunter planning to go to the trouble of flying some distance for a hunt this season, it's important to be prepared for the procedures regarding airline travel ... of experience traveling with his dogs, Stewart shared his tips for making the.